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Monster Bad - "Spark Thrush" FSR045

**Note that this is a pre-order. Any orders containing this item will not ship until this item is in stock and available around its release date of November 3rd.**

For the 'Spark Thrush' EP, Monster Bad frontperson Chris Graci conceptualized, produced and recorded the record by themselves, a pet project in stretching the bounds of indie rock into the digital sounds found on synths and in DAWs. The result is five tracks of what Graci describes as "hyperjoy", power-pop songs structured among flurries of electronic dissonance, 8-bit tones and dreamy synths. I like it a lot, I think you might too. 'Spark Thrush' is out November 3rd on any digital retailer you can think of as well as on cassette tape via Funeral Sounds.

Stream in full on The Grey Estates: