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Lucas Vidaur - Whimsical Drama and the Deathlessness of You FSR047

**This is a pre-order. Any orders with this item will not ship until on or around the release date of August 25th. Please plan your orders accordingly.**

'Whimsical Drama and the Deathlessness of You', the second full-length album by Spain artist Lucas Vidaur, takes you through a series of varied tracks, at once forthcoming and guarded, through which stays a pervasive haunting mood. This lies at odds with the cheerier moments found throughout, where bright acoustic guitar accompany Vidaur's hypnotic croon. Through it all, Vidaur shows a penchant for expressiveness through colorful synth lines and electronic complements, furthering the texture and mood of these twelve tracks.

'Whimsical Drama and the Deathlessness of You' is being released digitally and on cassette tape via Funeral Sounds on August 25th. We're excited about it!!

I think you will like this if you're into artists like Personality Disorders, elvis depressedly, flatsound, and fox academy.

A music video for the song "Darker Sweetness" can be seen here.