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Trunkweed - 'You Are A Nice Surprise' FSR038

trunkweed began in the summer of 2014 as a collection of bedroom recordings, by singer/guitarist Brady Kelly, called "Days of Haze", which were self-released, both digitally and on homemade cassettes, via bandcamp. The lo-fi album sparked enough local attention for the project to require a gigging band, this is when Kelly decided to recruit college buddies, Tucker Neil and Kyle Phass, to take his music on the road.

trunkweed quickly garnered a reputation in the baltimore/dc area as the kind of band you had to experience live, which brought them to booking their first diy tour. on that first tour, by some strange ripple of events, the band had the opportunity to record a live in-studio album, “trunkweed live, man… “, that was released internationally through Miles Apart Records, a Japan-based cassette label.

they've since completed 4 tours throughout the north east, mid west, and Canada. They're coming off their first full u.s. which has lasted 5 weeks. their persistence in playing out has resulted in Baltimore’s City Paper naming trunkweed, “2015’s Best Live Band of Baltimore” as well as making their “Top 10 Albums of 2015” list.

The first full length "You Are A Nice Surprise" is to be released on vinyl through Funeral Sounds and Out of Breath Records on December 16, 2016.

Stream "Rad or Sad" on New Noise Magazine: