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Jordaan Mason - 'form less' FSR041

Jordaan Mason's 'form less', whose title is based on a Georges Bataille piece, explores identity and queerness. Written during a challenging year in graduate school, Mason isolated themselves for two weeks with the aim of finishing fragmented thoughts and ideas formed over the past year.

Mason explains further: "It's meant to be like, a command, a command to decategorize. to declassify, to unname things. Bataille describes the "formless" as that which rational thought cannot comprehend. I guess I see queerness as a kind of formlessness. It also, I think, suits the eclectic short bursts of songs that the album is comprised of... [it's] a record about transitioning, becoming, but not really becoming anything in particular. Forming less."

The A-side contains 'form less' and the B-side contains unreleased instrumentals from Mason.

Pressing Info:
/100 rhodamine red cassettes w/ white ink in an o-card