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The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die - 'Between Bodies' FSR037

TWIABP let us repress this tape, so we made everything transparent; clear tape, clear case, even clear j-card. It is very hard to take pictures of. Thanks to Chris Regec at Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations / Square of Opposition Records for printing the j-cards. Thanks to Kyle for teaching me about scoring boards. Thanks to TWIABP for letting me do this. Thanks, yaknow, like track 4.

"Between Bodies finds the indie collective simultaneously reaching the most quintessential version of their cinematic, twilit sound while challenging both themselves and the listener. The album pairs compelling, impressionist post-rock landscape with narratives of love, death, existentialism and the human condition. Yet despite the experimental nature of the EP, The World Is a Beautiful Place has managed to craft what is likely their most melodic, infectious work thus far. Between Bodies presents a fascinating snapshot of one of the most creative bands currently writing music, unafraid to push against boundaries in their inspired explorations." - Chad Jewett, Half Cloth

Second Press:
/100 clear on clear on clear cassette tapes

Third Press:
/100 clear on clear on clear cassettes (currently)